September 2014

Our busy spring and summer are over, and we were blessed with 4 teams that came from the US to partner with us in the ministry at El Refugio. It was a privilege to work alongside these teams and to have three US interns that gave their summers to live and minister with us.

New adventure programs were built, our prayer garden area has come a long way in its landscaping, and we took some big steps on our kitchen/dining room remodel by gutting out our laundry room and food storage area in preparation for expanding our kitchen. In addition to this we did trail work and worked on our climbing wall.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for, given to, or physically worked alongside us in the ministry at El Refugio. God is at work in hundreds of young people’s lives through this ministry every month. We hope that you will consider joining with us in 2015 for another year of ministry together.

May God Bless you! Rick Borman

169Thank you for checking out our website. We hope that you can get a glimpse of what is going on at El Refugio and how you can get involved in partnering with us in the ministry.
~Rick Borman

Teams to El Refugio

We are getting ready for our 2015 teams:

As of now we have planned:

March - LIFT Team, NY

June - Hickory Creek Community, IL

June - Geneva First Baptist, IL


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